What The American Medical Gestapo Knows About You! Read This!

In line with our stated mission of standing up for our patients when they come up against the American Medical Catastrophe, we are pleased to publish information that, although public, is very secret. Very few patients know that there is the equivalent of a white coat Gestapo operating in America. This organization is called the Medical Information Bureau or MIB for short. This organization gathers medical information on all Americans and stores it in a database on the East Coast. Whenever you apply for any kind of insurance or make any statement about your medical conditions past and present, this information is compared against all that is known about you in the database. If there are any discrepancies you can be refused for whatever you have applied for. Worse than that is you can be accepted and pay into that account for X number of years until the entity decides to tell you they believe you falsified documents and you forfeit all you have paid into that entity. This information database has almost no benefit for patients. The MIB might argue that it prevents fraud and thus helps keep patients insurance premiums down. Don’t you believe it. This database exists to be able to charge you as much as the insurance company or entity is able using codes that doctors were forced to use before accurate medical data was present. This database raises rates and I’ll tell you how…

The best example I can think of is ordering labs. When a doctor orders labs on an insured patient, the insurance company requires us to accompany that order for that lab with a diagnosis. Well, if we had the diagnosis we wouldn’t need to order the lab. Each diagnosis we give has a numeric code. When we order your labs the numeric codes accompany the order which ultimately is billed to the insurance company. The insurance company submits those codes to the MIB. So if I used a code of diabetes or hypercholesterolemia or prostate cancer that the insurance company sent to the MIB, the next time you pay your premiums you will be rated as a patient that has those diseases encoded by those numbers even if the results of those labs come back THAT YOU DON’T HAVE THE DISEASES !!! This is the same as what goes on with all x-rays, cat scans, MRI’s and all other studies. Stop and think about this for a minute… You use your insurance and expect them to cover what is promised in your contract and what you pay for, but the information gleaned from those requests is used against you in future premium determinations in a most deceptive way to pump your premium and financially rape you.

When are the American people going to stand up and fight these corporate mercenaries that are slaughtering the middle class in this most grotesque fashion and infringing on our privacy rights? When are we going to say enough is enough and we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it ANYMORE???? Well let’s start today. Below is the contact information for the MIB, basically the white coat Gestapo. You have a right to know what they know about you. You have a right to a copy of their information about you in their database. Contact them and get a copy of your medical database. Find out if they are basing your premiums on misinformation and CALL THEM ON IT!!!! When you fill out insurance applications etc, look at your database information and see what they know about you. Don’t make statements that are false… Get your information and use it to your ADVANTAGE. An ostrich with his head in the sand doesn’t know what’s about to kill him till it happens. Better to have your head above sand and if need be fight or run like hell. The contact information of this modern day Gestapo is:

Medical Information Bureau (MIB)
P.O. box 105
Essex Station
Boston, MA 02112

An additional website with crucial privacy information is www.privacyrights.org. Read and learn and empower yourself to fight and win.

Power to the people! Power to the people! Power to the people! We stand by your side!!!!! V FOR VICTORY !!! …- …- …-

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