What Set's Us Apart

What you can expect from the office of Frank Arian, MD                     


Our Medical Director has extensive experience working for other doctors. During that time Dr. Arian had made careful notes on what was wrong with those practices. When he decided to open up his own practice in 2007 he was careful not to repeat the mistakes he had seen in all the other practices. He muses that he did not need to repeat the mistakes his old bosses had made but rather found new ones to make… Such is the burden of creating a practice from scratch. The current Victory Physicians practice is a highly evolved, high performance practice tempered by the fires of the financial realities of the late 2000’s, incessant internal quality assurances and measures, and his past experiences working for other doctors.

Here is a short list of things we believe set us apart from other practices:

  • You will see Dr. Arian, a Board certified Family Medicine MD every time.
  • We do not employ Nurse practitioners or Physician’s Assistants.
  • We do not employ Locum tenens (fill-in) Physicians.
  • We run impeccably on time. If you have an appointment at 2:30, you will be called AT 2:30.
  • All of our staff are owners. We are the only medical office in the Coachella Valley where the Medical assistants own a portion of the business alongside the physician. Thus everyone in our office has a personal interest in seeing you are satisfied and well taken care of and have a good outcome. Our reputation, success and income rely on your good outcome. You will find this nowhere else.
  • We see very few patients a day. We schedule 8-16 patients a day and concentrate on delivering the best service to those few patients. Our financial model suggests that it is better to have a few high performance patients being cared for by high performance staff than running a larger number of sloppily cared for patients through the practice.
  • When you are sick, we can somehow get you in to be seen. Most often this is same day but in certain times of the season it may be next day. Regardless, the performance of this office in getting in patients to be seen who are sick is unmatched by any other office in the Valley.
  • Our staff is pleasant and happy. Not the usual fake smile pasted on the faces of an overworked underpaid work force, but truly content. Because we are not being crushed by a high volume practice and because we are very picky about what patients we keep in the practice, we are all very content with our jobs. We treat our patients like extended family, get to know much about their lives, share in everyday events like sports, movies, books, pets etc, and look forward to their visits. It’s as close to the small town family doctor model as you will see being practiced anywhere.
  • We are welcoming of all ethnicities, religions, orientations, preferences, and inclinations. Bottom line is we are not judges and jurors. We are dedicated health care providers who embrace the myriad of permutations of human endeavor and experience and perform our job without bias to the best of our ability day after day. We consider our office to be a “SAFE ZONE” against discrimination and intolerance and only keep patients in our practice who are compatible with this ideal.
  • We are a fully electronic office and have been leading the way in the Coachella Valley since 2007 long before ObamaCare came along. We have the capability to allow patients to access their records remotely, to send records electronically anywhere, to provide digital records on request, and to track the enormous volume of data on each individual patient with ease. We are a 21st Century office but with old fashioned caring the way it used to be and should be.
  • Cada persona in esta oficina hablan espanol.
  • Great location. We are centrally located in Palm Springs in a quiet first floor office. Our building is safe, discreet, and easily accessible by wheelchair or walker and there is abundant free parking right outside our door.
  • Dr. Arian is on staff at Desert Regional but has arrangements at both DRMC and Eisenhower for his patients to be hospitalized by the Hospitalist medical groups. See the philosophy section of this website for an expanded discussion of hospitalization.
  • We’ve got the best magazine selection of any office. You wont find People magazine or Newsweek. We like the edgy stuff, the spice of life. We have magazines on tattoos, choppers, gay lifestyles, medical marijuana, BBQ, classic cars, entertainment, Rock n roll, local Palm Springs interest, mid century modern, firearms, golf, wine and more. You probably won’t be in our office long enough to read them but if you come with someone who will wait for you in our waiting room; they sure will appreciate our eclectic taste.
  • Our office decor is done in WWII propaganda. All our posters are from 1939-1945 and original. Dr. Arian brings an item out of his collection once a week and features it in his office complete with a synopsis and commentary. Dr. Arian’s collection has been on Antiques Roadshow, featured in the National Museum of WWII in New Orleans, televised on PBS’ The American Experience, and featured in 5 books.
  • Dr. Arian has won several teaching awards. He is a clear and exceptional communicator. His gift is being able to take complex concepts and through commonplace analogies, break them apart into easily digestible pieces that are easy to understand. Dr. Arian strongly believes that educated and informed patients comply with medical regimens more often and thus have better outcomes.
  • Dr. Arian is highly trained. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of California, Davis with a Bachelors of Science. He is a graduate of one of the top medical schools in the United States, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio which is affiliated with the famous Cleveland Clinic, and has 6 years of California residency training which places him in the upper echelon if not at the top of all Family Physicians in the Coachella Valley for level of postgraduate training.
  • Dr. Arian never forgets that the patient is the boss and he works for them. He has published his philosophy under the philosophy section of this website and encourages all prospective patients to read this section.

Our office is like no other in the Coachella Valley. We are proud everyday of the level of performance we achieve as healthcare providers for our community. Once you have seen how medicine can and should be practiced, you’ll never accept anything less.

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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.