If You Have To Cancel Your Appointment

Should you wish to cancel your appointment with us, please call us during normal business hours as posted on this webpage and speak to our front desk staff. We do not permit cancellation by phone answering machine, email, pager, text, snail mail, message slipped under the door or for example telling Dr. Arian in the grocery store. We require 24 hours notice in all cases except for Monday appointments which must be cancelled by 5PM the prior Friday. Failure to provide us with this notice will result in a $50.00 No-show fee for the first two No-shows and $85.00 per No-show thereafter. No-show fees are not billable to insurance. They are billed direct to the patient and are an out-of-pocket expense. If there is interference with cancellation by our posted holiday schedule, benefit of the doubt will go to the patient. Patients who fail to pay their No-show fees within 30 days lose their privilege to make advanced appointments and are offered leftover slots when available the same day as calling usually at the end of the day. Our front desk staff will give all timely cancellations a confirmation code which you must write down as evidence of your accepted timely cancellation. Your confirmation code is charted in your medical record.

Our financial model is based on high patient performance and high staff performance. We have tried to eliminate waste from the practice which allows us to see a lower volume of patients and give you much more efficient and higher quality care. Patients that fail to provide us with an opportunity to fill their slot by giving us appropriate notice place a burden on the practice that jeopardizes our financial model and the level of care we provide to all our other patients. No-shows are considered a big deal and form part of the patient’s report card which we generate and are among the things we use to decide what patients are candidates for free 24 hour concierge pager access to Dr. Arian. We have been asked before why make an appointment at all? The reason is we do not guarantee we can get you in same day any time you call. Medical practice is notorious for its waxing and waning seasonal changes in volume. Your appointment guarantees your slot to be seen. We ask that all patients manage their appointments properly. We provide appointment cards to all returning patients and most often a phone call the day prior. It is not our responsibility to remind you. Your signed or initialed appointment card which is scanned into the chart forms your contract with us.

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