What You Can Expect

Because Victory Physicians is using a different financial model than other practices, our office runs differently and it might not be what you are used to although we are sure you will like it. We are committed to keeping our quality of care high and the key to maintaining this standard is keeping our volume of patients low. We see no more than 8-14 patients a day. This gives the patient an abundance of quality face to face time with the physician. You have time to ask your questions and get quality unrushed responses from your doctor. It even gives the doctor time to do literature searches for you if necessary. You have time to get multiple problems taken care of at once so that you dont need to make appointment after appointment. You will not sit in a waiting room full of coughing, hacking, sick people. In fact, because we space out our patients, rarely will you ever see another patient in our office. This gives the doctor the time and space to hand off your case to his medical assistants for their coordination of care duties. It also gives the staff time to perform rigorous quality assurance measures to minimize medical mistakes and office errors. You’ll also notice the doctor and the staff seem happy. The reason is because we ARE ! Because we are not being crushed in a high volume practice, we have time to laugh and joke and enjoy our patients and share their lives instead of the obligatory “cattle call” at every other family practice here in the valley. Because we have time to double and triple check our work and do so with a positive mental attitude nurtured by our job satisfaction, we make fewer errors and we find our patients actually enjoy “going to the doctor” as much as we enjoy coming to work.

The key to our low volume practice which is intimately tied to high quality care is high patient and staff performance. Our patients arrive on time to their appointments and are never late. The doctor is on time for his appointments and is never late. Consequently there is no wasted time. Wasted time is time that is not earning revenue for the practice overhead requires more patients be seen per day. Because we have no waste, we dont have to see more patients per day and the patient reaps the harvest of their and our efficiency. The patient never fails to show up for an appointment without giving 24 hours notice first. If the patient fails to give notice, a no-show fee is paid so that the spot is not wasted. Again, no waste means no need to increase the volume of patients seen per day. Our patients pay their bills on time and ALWAYS pay. Because we run a tight financial ship and don’t have to “write-off” large balances there is no waste and once again we can keep our patient volume low. We remove nonpaying, late, or no-show patients from the practice very quickly so that they cannot ruin this delicate financial model. Thus by insisting on very high patient performance in all aspects of the practice, and matching that with very high staff performance, our office can survive on the low patient volume we see every day.

What you deserve:

  • A quiet office
  • Friendly, genuinely happy staff to greet you
  • The doctor will be on time; probably to the minute excepting true emergencies
  • You will see a Board Certified MD every time; we do not employ PA’s or Nurse Practitioners
  • Plenty of face to face time with the doctor
  • A doctor tolerant of all lifestyles, ethnicities and religions; there is nothing you can’t talk to him about
  • Clear explanations as to the differential diagnosis and pathophysiological basis of your disease, and your diagnosis
  • Cost conscious approach to all phases of medical practice
  • A smile, a laugh, a joke to offset the seriousness and awesome responsibility of what we do everyday
  • Execution of the doctor’s orders by staff at an unparalleled level of accuracy and pace

In the end, we are all about performance and outcomes. That is what you can expect…