A few words about us

Victory Physicians was founded February 2007 by Frank Arian, M.D.. Our concept is a simple one in theory, difficult in practice. We have committed ourselves to leading a lifestyle that is not extravagant and keeping our own personal overhead low so we can see fewer patients a day and deliver higher quality care. Low volume is the cornerstone to any high quality medical practice. By seeing fewer patients per day, our prescription refills are lightning speed, our consultation requests are most often processed same day, patients get more face to face time with a real doctor and not a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, and we can get you in to be seen if you’re sick. Our practice is a high performance practice that is based on a financial model that discourages waste. This means we seek high performance patients who show up on time, never no-show without 24 hours notice, pay their bills on time, and support their doctors office in any way they can. In return they receive concierge level access and quality without the exorbitant yearly fee. Our medical practice is exceptional in every way thumbing its nose at the medical establishment every day and taking the stand that medical offices do not have to be “cattle calls” to be successful. It simply requires commitments by staff to live simply and dedicate themselves to their art, and patients to be responsible for their share of the partnership.