Monthly Archives: February 2012

Concierge Service

Dr. Arian now has a pager number that rings direct into his cell phone, called a virtual pager. He will be offering the number to patients who maintain a perfect record of being on time for appointments, zero no shows, demonstrating appropriate conduct while in our office, and paying their...
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Great Patients

Dr. Arian would very much appreciate your referrals. As he always says, “Great patients tend to refer great patients”. We are not looking for a huge increase, just a slight one so we can continue providing this extraordinary level of service to our loyal followers....
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Aggressive Collections Agency

We are using a new and aggressive Collections agency. They are very expensive and should your account go to Collections your bill will increase 35% or so. They refer delinquent accounts to all three credit bureaus promptly. Please monitor and pay your bills on time. Once in Collections, it is...
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