Monthly Archives: January 2012

Twitter Coming Soon

Victory Physicians will be operating a Twitter account shortly. This will allow the office to contact you in the event of an important office notification such as power outage, staff illness, public health or disaster notification, important policy change, technical difficulty or office closure among others. Our account will not...
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Telemedicine With Skype Video

We are soon offering medical visits by Skype. Not all visits and patients will be candidates for telemedicine. It will require you have an HD webcam, headset, blood pressure cuff, and know how to count your pulse rate. Also you must have Skype downloaded and installed on your computer. The...
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We Rely on High Performance

We are reminding patients this office is built and relies on high performance both by the staff and the patient. Please show up on time for your appointment, give 24 business hours notice for appointment cancellation, and pay your bills on time. Please do not wait for your second or...
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